Monarch Curricula

Lessons from University of Minnesota’s Monarchs and More Curriculum Guide.

Driven to Discover

Facilitator’s Guide to Citizen Science/Monarchs: includes lesson plans, facilitating vs. teaching, sequence of activities, parent involvement, citizen science.

Monarch Butterfly

Follow the link below and then click "Teacher's Guide" to access some great curricula on Journey North's Monarch Page.

Content Standards and Monarchs

The Monarch Teacher Network has created a nice list of learning outcomes drawn from state standards. This is a broad, interdisciplinary list showing what students will know and be able to do after an extended learning experience with Monarch Butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly Manual for the Educator

Follow the link below to a page provided by the US Forest Service. This Monarch teacher's manual was developed by the Mexican NGO, Proteccion de la Fauna Mexicana.

Symbolic Migration

Through Journey North's annual Symbolic Migration, children across North America are united by the monarch butterfly and celebrate its spectacular migration. Lots of great activities for teachers!

Monarch Curriculum

Curriculum, Ideas, Activities, and a nice list of online Monarch links and resources, provided by Hope D'Avino Jennings.

Butterfly Activity Guide

In depth lessons and activities, developed by the National Wildlife Federation.