Monarch facts and resources to guide student inquiry


  • Monarch Biology

    All about Monarch biology: Anatomy, Sexing, Life Cycle, Sensory Systems, Predation, Parasite Control, Systematics, Seasonal Populations, Western Populations, Population Genetics, Theories in Evolution and Population Genetics.

  • Monarch Butterfly

    Information from the Xerces Society about Monarchs, including their spectacular migration, threats and what you can do to help.

  • Monarchs

    A wealth of information from Journey North, including videos, interactive kids' activities and diagrams.

  • All About Monarchs

    A very useful tool for educators and students, providing an array of facts targeting the student as the researcher! There is also a fantastic children's book available, called Monarch Magic.

  • Monarch Health

    This is a great citizen science project facilitated by the University of Georgia devoted to monarch health and parasites.

Books for the Classroom

A Field Guide to the Invertebrate Community in the Milkweed Patch, by Ba Rea, Karen Oberhauser and Michael A. Quinn.

Learn about herbivores, nectivores and predators that call the Common Milkweed patch home, in Mary Holland's Milkweed Visitors.

In Learning From Monarchs: A Teacher's Handbook, Ba Rea introduces concepts and information to help teachers design their own Monarch lessons.


Another great book by Ba Rea, Monarch! Come Play with Me, was written and designed for children between the ages of 3 and 9. The text, written for early second grade readers, revolves around the similarities and differences between the development of monarchs and the development of children.

*There is also a Spanish version of this book available!